Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Kimly stock
I was having my instant coffee as shared in my earlier post when I saw Kimly Group stock, as expected defied gravity and shot to an high of $0.55 from an IPO price of $0.25. At that instant, the coffee in my mouth also shot through too. Kimly Group stock finally closed a little lower at $0.44 per share though it was still a stellar 76% rally in IPO stock price.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Before the local Singapore stocks market opens on 20 Mar 2017, these are the two stocks which investors must know:

1) Kimly Group stock

Kimly Group stock is making a debut on the Singapore stocks markets. The coffee-shop operator stock is the first stock of such a nature to be listed on the local bourse. Kimly Group stock IPO is around 8.3 oversubscribed and this points to the strong demand as well as expectation that Kimly Group stock should have a stellar performance on its first day of trading when the local stocks markets open later. At an IPO price of $0.25, the question is how much Kimly Group stock will trade at a premium over this IPO price. But I would always like to think that the stocks markets is always more than investors’ expectations, thinking or speculation, thus I would still think that there is a possibility that Kimly Group stock may dip a little below its IPO price.


Ezra stockEZRA has filed for bankruptcy in the US states yesterday (19 Mar 2017). This was the latest development following the trading halt in Ezra share last Wednesday. I am not too familiar with how bankruptcy of local stocks in Singapore will proceed and more importantly whether there will be a possibility shareholders of Ezra stock would get back their capital or even some monies. It seems to me even more complex now since Ezra is a Singapore-listed stock but it has filed for bankruptcy in the United States, hence I do not know how this will all translate.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Privatisation stocks
The news that M1’s three largest shareholders are reviewing their stakes in M1 has led to speculation on the possible privatization of M1 stock. M1 stock responded in return, soaring some 7.9% on 17 Mar 2017 before the trading halt of the stock. It was reported that talks of potential divestment of listed Telco firms has come as early as last year as the major Telco players brace themselves for the fourth Telco player into the stocks markets. Singtel and Starhub stocks also benefitted from the speculation, with each rallying last Friday. I believe the stocks markets are in the mood for looking at other possible names of privatization candidates too. There are many of these being floated around and I list below some of these potential privatization candidates:

Saturday, March 18, 2017

KIMLY IPO: how does it go for TOM K?

Dear readers, as you would have most probably known by now; Kimly IPO subscription ended yesterday 17 Mar 2017 at 12pm and the IPO was oversubscribed by more than 8 times. As shared earlier in my blog post on Kimly IPO (you can refer to the post here); Kimly IPO is widely expected, due to its defensive business model, to debut strongly on its first day of trading next Monday; as a result it is most certain that those investors who have subscribed for Kimly IPO would like to find out whether they have been allocated any of Kimly stocks. And from the earlier post, you would have known too that I have subscribed to Kimly IPO stock as well.

Friday, March 17, 2017


Moya Asia
I last blogged on Moya Asia sock in February 2017; you can refer to the post here . Since then the stock has been trading in a tight consolidation pattern with a support at $0.067. Yesterday, the stock traded on high volume, closing the day at 7.2% higher with a upward bullish candlestick. The 5-Days Moving Average which has traded below the 20-Days Moving Average seems to be making an attempt to break the 20-Days Moving Average higher. The RSI seems moving to higher overbought regions. On a general trend, Moya Asia stock is still on a long-term uptrend. And if my judgment is correct, Moya Asia stock could become the next Alliance Minerals stock as it moves slowly to the 10 cents per share mark. However before Moya Asia stock reaches that higher level, the stock is bound to undergo a series of “waves movement”.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


High dividends stocks
If you have been a regular reader of Singapore Stocks Investing, you would have noticed that I have been advocating high dividends stock which could stand the test of time and give investors some form of passive income in the form of dividends during his holding period of the stock. However, some stocks do offer very high dividends yields and are value traps, hence the important point is to buy high-dividends stocks selectively.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Best singapore stocks
The current Singapore stocks markets like others are waiting for the US Federal Reserves’ decision on interest rate hikes. My belief, like others is that the anticipation of a interest rate hike has been priced in by the stocks markets. While investors might be clueless on what to invest in this current stock markets, the good thing to do would be to treat investment as a long-term plan to grow one’s wealth. When one think long-term, one would think of what one would look out for in a stock.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Dear readers, let us hear the sharing of an analyst on one Singapore stock below.

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Monday, March 13, 2017


DBS stock, UOB stock, OCBC stock
The US Federal Reserves is expected to increase the interest rate this week with the strong US jobs numbers. In light of the above, the local banking stocks should be of interest to investors again. Let us revisit the performance of the three largest bank stocks in Singapore: DBS, OCBC and UOB.

DBS stock currently traded at $18.93, down by 0.73% from its 52-week high of $19.07. The stock currently traded at a Price-to-Earnings ratio of 11.244 and has a consensus target price of $19.61, a potential upside of 3.5%.

OCBC stock currently traded at $9.56, down by 1.95% from its 52-week high of $9.75. The stock currently traded at a Price-to-Earnings ratio of 11.63 and has a consensus target price of $9.631, a potential upside of 0.74%.

Sunday, March 12, 2017


Jumbo stock
Jumbo stock had been a Singapore stocks market darling for the previous few months until its stock price slump recently. At its 52-weeks high, Jumbo stock traded at a high of $0.78 and currently the stock traded at $0.68 which means to say that Jumbo stock has corrected around 13% from its 52-week high.

Saturday, March 11, 2017


KIMLY IPO I have applied for a decent number of shares of the upcoming KIMLY GROUP IPO. It has been really some time since I applied for IPOs as I am very selective when it comes to an IPO. I know of quite a number of folks who apply for IPO on a “lottery” mentality, meaning to say they will sell the IPO stocks at a premium if the stock debuts much above the IPO price on the very first day of the stock’s IPO. For me, I treat IPO stock just like how I treat and select the current stocks. It is a business case for me, how the business model will pan out in the future and whether the model is a sustainable one. For Kimly Group IPO, I like the fact that Kimly is a defensive, recession-proof and cash generative business. One just need to take a peek outside the coffeeshops owned by Kimly to see for oneself how good is business. For more of my perspectives of Kimly Group IPO stock, you can refer to my blog post made earlier here

Friday, March 10, 2017

Are these billion-caps Singapore Stocks GREAT BUYS NOW?

Singapore stocks
In the current Singapore stocks markets, where the bullish buying of Singapore stocks in the first two months of the year has receded, what we currently note in the Singapore stocks markets is driven by speculation in penny stocks (for this, just take a look at the top volume stocks); the revisiting of potential privatization plays as well as the discussion of macro factors in the Singapore stocks markets arising from the upcoming Dutch elections as well as the discussions on the US Federal Reserves’ interest rates.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Kimly Group IPO
KIMLY GROUP IPO is the latest IPO for the Singapore stocks market. KIMLY GROUP IPO comes at the time when the Singapore stocks markets are behaving in a non-bullish manner after a great performance in January and February of the year. I believe Kimly GROUP IPO will be closely scrutinized by retail investors as investment ideas seem to dry from the current stocks markets.


Singapore stocks
In today’s stocks markets, is there value to be found in stocks? Well, there is still value to be found, if investors choose stocks against a set of well-regarded benchmarks. What if the stock has a decent debt ratio, a good dividends record and is currently undervalued? There exist three stocks in the Singapore stocks markets which are:  a) trading above 5% dividends yield; b) has a Price-to-Book ratio of less than 0.50 and c) and a debt-to-equity ratio of less than 50%

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Why Investors should be HAPPY?

Singapore stocks
As I have earlier predicted in my blog, March will be a month where the local stocks markets will take a breather; this is evident from the recent showing of the STI. There are two main factors shaping stocks markets this month. First is the Holland election and next is the US Federal Reserves interest rates hike. Many expect the US Federal Reserves to increase interest rates just as what Janet Yellen has hinted.

Monday, March 6, 2017


I attempted a quick trade on 3 Mar 2017 on one of the top volume stock during trading hours. When the stocks markets closed, I made profits. Today, the stock continued to run, giving me more profits in the same stock. Was I delighted? Of course and while one usually think of it’s the monies that would make me and investors in the green happy, I would say I am delighted because of my trading strategy which delivered. And this is a trading strategy which I am currently exploring; a trading strategy which does not belong to the safer dividends and low-risk approach which I more frequently advocate in this blog. And thus I don’t really want to advocate in this blog because when it comes to momentum trading, one should know when to take profits when “the partying stops”.

Friday, March 3, 2017


Bukit Sembawang stock, Ho Bee Stock, Wing Tai stockBukit Sembawang stock, a sleepy stock rallied by almost 8% after DBS issued a report, crowning it the “Landlord King”. There has been speculation that Bukit Sembawang stock would finally be taken private after years of speculation, given that this is an undervalued stock (however with yesterday’s price rally, the stock has a Price-to-Book ratio of 1.062 now). Many think that the recent in property stocks may finally pave the way open for the privatization of the often-cited property plays in Bukit Sembawang stock, Wing Tai Properties and Ho Bee Properties Limited stock. Let us take a look at the fundamentals of these stocks.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Keppel stock, Sembcorp stock
Keppel Corp and Sembcorp Industries stock have been rallying. It is time to see how the fundamentals of the two stocks compare and possibly, deduce which is a Better Investment.

Keppel Corp stock has reached a new 52-week high at $7.09 based on yesterday closing price. The stock is currently Overbought based on the RSI level. Keppel Corp trades at a dividend yields of 2.89% , a Price-to-Earnings ratio of 16.2 and at a Price-to-Book ratio of 1.08. Based on SGX’s website, the consensus target price on Keppel Corp stock is $6.128.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My Completed Trades for Year 2017

Starhub stock, HPH Trust
Since January 2017, I have entered into few trades involving Singapore stocks, thought of just sharing with you readers two of such trades which I have made.

The first trade was Asian Pay Television Trust which I made a first post for the year on 2 Feb 2017 (you can read the post here ). Then, the stock was trading at around $0.405 and I have made a good profit selling the stock later. [As info, I am not including the real % gain and amounts made as this blog is not about boosting my ego].

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tom K: Singapore Stocks Ahead

Dear readers, though it might sound like a cliche but really how time flies and today is the 28th of February. Whenever it is the end of a month, I will review how the Singapore stocks markets have been faring as a whole.

I believe the local stocks markets have been performing well in line with the larger stocks markets. US stocks markets have been going up and are now at highs and there are no lack of opportunitues for Singapore stocks either. There have been some rather positive rises in selected blue-chip and penny stocks. It is like a kind of mini-bullishness in the local stocks markets which we have experienced in the previous two months. Those who have bought and ride on this up wave would have been handsomely rewarded.

Monday, February 27, 2017

SINGTEL, STARHUB and M1: which is a GOOD BUY?

Singtel stock, Starhub stock, M1 stock
Singtel stock currently (based on closing price of 24 Feb 2017) at $3.96, down by 6.38 % from the stock’s 52-week high of $4.32. The consensus target price based on SGX website is $4.25 which means an upside of 7.32% from Singtel’s current stock price.

Starhub stock currently traded at $2.81 down by 29% from the stock’s 52-week high of $3.96. The consensus target price based on SGX website is $2.73 which means a downside of 2.8 % from Starhub’s current stock price.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Noble Group stock closed 16.7% down on 24 Feb 2017, closing the day at $0.225 after IceBerg Research issued a report on the same day called “Noble Group: How Many Times Can You Fool the Same People?”. I have read the report and it is once again a report full of questions over Noble Group’s valuation of its assets; this time packaged in another way and issued at a time when Noble Group stock had a rally after report of a stake by Sinochem.

Friday, February 24, 2017


HPH Trust, Hutchinsons Ports Holdings
Hutchinson Ports Holdings Trust, more commonly known as HPH Trust traded at USD 39 cents per share on 23 Feb 2017. This stock price is near to the Trust’s lowest. To illustrate how low the stock price is now down, the Trust IPO price in year 2011 was USD 1.01 dollars. So now HPH Trust is trading at around 60% discount from its IPO price.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

WHY the STI ETF might still be ATTRACTIVE?

STI ETF, Singapore Stocks
Dear readers, if we look at the Singapore stocks benchmark indicator STI, it is currently hovering around the 3,100 mark. The STI benchmark is made up of the top 30 companies in terms of market capitalization. If we compare the STI benchmark across a continuum, the range is from below 2,000 (corresponding to stocks markets downturns) to above 3,000. Then, if we look at the constituent stocks of STI, what can we infer? As answers, let me just cite a few examples. Golden Agriculture traded at a high of $0.80 plus before, look at its stock price now. In a similar vein, compare Sembcorp Marine stock price to its price in the heydays ($5 per share). And there are other similar blue-chip stocks trading at laggard prices now. Like Sembcorp Industries stock, Starhub and others.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Starhub stock, Singpost stockThere are two blue-chip stocks which are currently oversold. Pardon me, if the two stocks that I am going to present next are not blue-chips in your definition. It is understandable since in today’s stocks markets, what have been blue-chips might no longer be blue-chips. Take for example, Sembcorp Marine stock. In its heydays, Sembcorp Marine stock traded at over $5 a share and compare this with its current stock price.

Monday, February 20, 2017


Singapore Budget 2017
Without a doubt, retail investors and fellow Singaporeans will be looking forward to the details of Singapore Budget 2017 to be delivered by Finance Minister Mr Heng Swee Kiat later today, 20 Feb 2017. The budget is expected to be one which will provide more details on how the government will allocate resources to transforming the current Singapore economy into the future economy envisioned in the Committee of Future Economies (CFE) Report. Singapore’s economy while doing still not badly is not doing very well neither and hence the CFE report on how Singapore can find its place in the future world which is marked by macro political and economical uncertainties not seen in a long time; carve a niche and continue to sustain a good economy with good jobs for its people. The CFE report also comes at a time where the TPP, which is widely believed to be beneficial for trade-dependent Singapore was not endorsed by US President Trump.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Interview with King of Popiah, Mr Sam Goi

I watched the TV interview with Mr Sam Goi last Sunday on Channel 8 under the third season of the episode "Hear me Out". In the previous season, I watched the interview with CEO of Sheng Siong and was impressed. You can revisit the post which I have created arising from watching the interview here . For this episode, I have looked forward to being impressed once again by one of the richest men in Singapore and hope to learn something from Mr Sam Goi.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

DBS, OCBC, UOB stock: which is a GOOD BUY?

DBS STOCK,UOB STOCK, OCBC STOCKThe three local bank stocks: DBS, OCBC and UOB have fallen off their highs ever since the episode of Ezra which renewed concerns over the banks’ non-performing loans to the O&G sector ever since the Swiber fallouts.

OCBC stock currently traded at $9.52, down by 2.36% from the stock’s 52-week high of $9.75. The consensus target price based on SGX website is $9.612 which means an upside of 0.97% from OCBC’s current stock price.

Will You Buy these stocks NOW?

Jumbo, Starhub, Alliance minerals, GSS, Penny stocks, Jumbo since reaching an all-time high of $0.78 has retreated as investors rotated between penny stocks play. Jumbo stock closed at $0.71 today, a 8.9% decline from the all-time high. Currently, Jumbo stock is oversold. Will Jumbo stock rebound? Or will Jumbo stock head further south?

Friday, February 17, 2017


Asian Pay Television Trust
On 2 Feb 2017, I blogged about Asian Pay Television Trust (you can read the post here) , then the stock was trading at $0.405 and yesterday the stock closed at $0.455, a more than 12% upside. Then Asian Pay Television Trust traded at a Price-to-Book ratio of 0.481 and with a dividends yield of 17.59%. With yesterday’s closing price, Asian Pay Television Trust still traded at an attractive Price-to-Book ratio of 0.511 and a dividends yield of 16.57%. In the previous post, I have mentioned that the technical indicators were pointing to a bullish reversal and we now know that indeed that was true.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Moya Asia stock
The Singapore stocks market is currently rife with penny stocks plays. Some investors view penny stocks play, especially those with no good fundamentals as risky. There is definitely truth in the above. However, there is no denying that certain penny stocks in the Singapore stocks markets have become multi-baggers quietly while the Singapore stocks markets benchmark STI respond up and down with the macro environment.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Are these TWO stocks the NEXT MULTI-BAGGERS?

Noble Group stock
Yesterday, the STI went south by 1.26%. I am not surprised since profits taking have to take place once the US and Singapore stocks registered record new highs. What is in vogue now in the Singapore stocks markets, beside earnings announcements are what I called stocks rotation. In December last year, stocks with most interest are blue chip stocks like banks. Since the Ezra episode, bank and blue-chip stocks have faltered replaced with so called growth stocks the likes of Jumbo, Bestworld and MM2 Asia. These have since also been rotated to a new bunch of popular stocks. Watch out for Noble Group, Singapore Edevelopment stock as they transcended new highs each day from a low base.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Valentine Day, Noel Gifts stock, Soo Kee stock, Aspial stock, Breadtalk stock, Katrina stock, Japan Foods stockDear readers, today is Valentine Day! Singapore Stocks Investing would like to wish all readers, especially couples a Happy Valentine Day!

Valentine Day is a Day of celebration of Love and Romance. On this special day, couples affirm their love through flowers and gifts. Noel Gifts International stock is the stock of a company which provides flowers, hampers and gifts in Singapore, Malaysia and China. These gifts aside, some couples will also give their significant half jewelry to mark and profess their love. I am not surprised at all if Lovebirds also choose Valentine Day as a day to propose! Their proposal will definitely go through, I believe! Speaking of jewelry, Soo Kee Group stocks and Aspial stock are stocks in the jewelry line.

Monday, February 13, 2017


Singapore Stocks, Singapore Investments In my opinion, there are five types of investors who collectively form the Investing FABLE. Which of the FABLE are you?

F stands for Farmer, the investor who is willing to hold his stocks for decent returns. Like crops, stocks can be good or otherwise and similarly, a Farmer investor’s returns can be good or bad. An Investment Farmer holds his investor, similar to a real farmer taking time to cultivate his harvest.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Best World stock, Starhub stockOn 6 Feb 2016, Starhub stock went south by 6.7% in line with announcements that the company would be slashing its dividends. Closing at $2.75, a level which investors have not seen for some time, the stock went north a little to close at $2.79 on 10 Feb 2016. Starhub stock is currently oversold and the price was back to the Nov 2016 level. Will Starhub stock price rise after a “knee jerk” reaction from investors? Or will Starhub price reflect, going forward, a more dynamic business landscape with the proliferation of various services providers over the internet as well as the arrival of the fourth telecom player in Singapore, TPG Telecom?

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Singapore stocks
In my personal opinion, we have somewhat a Singapore stocks markets which has slowed from a good headstart in January 2017. This is mainly due to both macro and domestic factors. On the macro front, I believe investors are glued to the daily news surrounding President Trump and his actions and as more of such news emerges, investors are awaiting possible follow-ups and reactions. Most noteworthy is President Trump’s call to China’s Leader. Investors though might want to see more affirmative bilateral ties between the two Super powers to boost global stocks markets. On the local front, the seeming cheap valuations continue to drive M&As activities forward. Blue-chip stocks after an early rally have faltered mainly as investors continue to keep a lookout for local banking stocks as a result of Ezra’s episode.

Friday, February 10, 2017


With so many stocks in the Singapore stocks markets, many investors definitely want to invest their hard-earned monies wisely on the best stocks. So how is a best stock or a good stock defined? To many investors, it is natural to speculate on some stocks which promise very high and sexy returns as they are coaxed by some great “turn around” stories or stories promising even more returns for the stocks. These investments often turn out to be “feedback” rather than achievement.

Thursday, February 9, 2017


As more and more individuals become financially educated, they seek more pathways towards wealth creation, not just from working hard to earn a living. Investing education firms have flourished and they span from Forex, Value investing to Technical analysis and momentum trading. Investors who wish to hone their investing skills often sign up for the investment courses so as to learn from those who have “achieved it”. Congrats to those who have actually profited from these investing courses.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

F&N stock: A POTENTIAL STOCK [Part 2]

Next up is alcoholic drinks. The main drivers in this segment is to expand into and cement F&N position in the overseas markets like Myanmar and Vietnam. A new CEO had also been appointed in this segment. Food is the segment which I believe will be an interesting segment to watch as the beverage-centric company establishes itself as a truly F&B (i.e. entering into the Food business). With a good cash pile, I believe the new CEO for food might look into acquiring some local food firms be they listed or not to facilitate F&N foray into this segment. I can think of some possible names of listed food firms on my mind now.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Once in a while, we will read that some companies retrench their staff. For the retrenched staff, I feel for them and hope they will be able to get other jobs soon. Against the current macro climate, the government is encouraging all workers to broaden, deepen and diversify their skill sets. This is the right strategy as new industries will emerge and these necessitate new skills. The government has also launched the laudable SkillsFuture incentive to provide impetus to the national-wide upskilling movement.I think individuals may want to match their passions with the skills that they want to deepen their expertise in, e.g. cooking.

Monday, February 6, 2017

F&N stock: A POTENTIAL STOCK [Part 1]

To say F&N is a business is an understatement; it is actually to me a conglomerate comprising three key business in non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages and books and publishing. There is one more segment which is Food. Each of the four businesses has its own CEO and all the CEOs report to the Board chaired by Mr Chaoren.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

What a Flash Thunderstorm taught me about Investing?

Dear readers, I am always a student of life; a voracious reader who like to read up on a variety of genres and I am a firm believer in that daily life moments, small as they may be, will teach us so much more about life itself. (as an example, don’t miss this post how spring cleaning made me a better investor). That is why even as technology advances at an astonishing speed, there is a subject called biomimicry: the design of systems to imitate nature with the belief or understanding that sometime nature provides the best solutions to problems faced by man. For example, yesterday, I watched news about how the next generation of drones will evolve into. These will evolve from flying like helicopters to flying like bats! Yes, the drones will be equipped with wings, which will vibrate via sensors and mimic the flying of bats. This bat-like flying style of drones will definitely capture more images from different angles, offer more diverse views in breadth and depth and would be especially useful in humanitarian assistance.
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