Saturday, June 20, 2015

I want to profit from stocks! And here is how!

Dear readers, how is your investing and trading? Let us look at the stock markets trends now. First of all, the US Federal Reserves’ decision on interest rates hike. In the FOMC meeting concluded on US Wednesday 17 Jun 2015, the Federal Reserves has indicated that it will not be raising interest rate now. Though this may be good to some investors, we have the next factor: the Greece debt talks; from what I read from the internet, there seems to be some differences between the points of views of Greece and its European counterparts. And to add to these, the world has to contend with MERS (I learnt that Germany now has its first case of MERS case). So against all these themes, how should one position one’s investments to make sense of all these market trends?

For one, there will always be “winners” and “losers” of a trend, meaning to say a trend will tend to benefit one group of stocks while not for others. These can lead to investors jumping in to “bargain-hunt” certain stocks. But as retail investors have noted, “bargain hunting” can sometimes become “buying a stock on its way down” if investors enter the stock at the wrong time. One such mention is Noble Group stock.

So what if I share with you an investing strategy against the current stocks markets backdrop? An investment strategy that will free you up from buying and analyzing into a specific industry group and doing all the rigorous fundamental and technical analysis? And a strategy that will need you to just track the overall stocks markets to decide to buy, hold or sell?

So what is this strategy? Well, it is none other than buying the whole Singapore stocks markets through the STI ETF index fund tradable on the SGX. Buying a STI ETF may not give investors the thrills of owning a stock and seeing notable capital appreciation “that fast”; but it is an investing technique which is a “low risk, decent returns” strategy than putting your monies in a bank account, only to be eroded by the rates of inflation.

I have produced a Youtube video for all of you readers on a very comprehensive strategy for the stocks markets, you can watch the video below.


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