Friday, June 26, 2015

One way I manage the costs of inflation

I walked around the food court, looking for something to fill my hungry stomach. There are many what seems to be delicious food (yes, Singapore is a food paradise) but after spending close to ten minutes prancing around in the food court, I left the food court, hungry and without buying a single food item. In a nutshell, I have summarized the effect of the high cost of living here in Singapore.

For going out on even a “window shopping” trip in Singapore today is rather an expensive affair. There are dozens and dozens of restaurants and a few comparatively no-less expensive food courts in all shopping centres; all eager to earn your hard-earned monies.

For individuals, eating in food courts can be at least $6 per person and this goes up to around $20 inclusive of GST and service charges in restaurants. The multiplication law in Mathematics comes in when one dines out in groups. While it means one thing to my wallet with all the expensive price tags of food, it also means another thing to my stomach if I buy these foods for most of these are in small servings, have lots of preservatives so much so that I end up not fulfilled and unhealthy most of the times. The food choices at out shopping malls has become such that I do not know whether you agree with me but fast food set meals can really be better choices price-wise and filling your hunger pangs wise.

That is why I really love hawker centre food” lowly priced, delicious and fulfilling to your stomach. Rather than spending $6 on a “not worth my money” option at a pricey food court, I prefer to “take away” my usual packet of ecomomy mixed vegetables rich which provides me with dollar-saving and better nutrition. Join the emailing list to receive regular Financial and Singapore stocks newsletters too! Like" me on Singapore Stocks Investing Facebook page to receive all posts on your Facebook as well as read more articles. Follow me on Twitter too.
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