Saturday, June 6, 2015

SEA games stocks: will you buy them?

With the lighting up of the SEA games torch by Singapore’s very own soccer legend, Fandi Ahmad and his son, the SEA games officially kicked off in Singapore on 5 Jun 2015. On 4 Jun 2015, Feng Tian Wei, whom I would describe as Singapore’s “blue chip stock” when it comes to sports was eliminated from the SEA Games women’s singles when she lost to her Thailand counterpart, dashing hopes of Singapore’s “clean sweep” of the Table Tennis medals. Well, we could not blame her for even the very best Singapore’s blue chip stocks on the SGX could go down at times, right. Enough of my talking of non-related things to this post, let us examine Singapore’s stocks related to SEA games which may be of interest to retail investors.
First of all, where is the focus of the SEA games’ action? Well, it is none other than the Sports Hub. With so many SEA games being held there and a fun carnival being held around in the vicinity as well, there will be thousands of people every day heading down to Sports Hub each day during the SEA games period to watch the games and this in turn will definitely multiply the crowds to the nearby Kallang Wave shopping mall which is owned by SMRT Corporation, helmed by former Chief of Singapore’ Defence and former Permanent Secretary, Desmond Kuek. Retail outlets at Sports Hub will benefit. This may in turn benefit SMRT stock price if retail investors become interested in SMRT stock as a result of the appreciation of the above fact. With SportsHub located just next to Stadium MRT station, I expect many to take the SMRT trains there, hence train revenues to SMRT will increase over the SEA games period. SMRT stock is currently trading at $1.59, below its 200 days-moving-average.

Next, there will be “tons of sweat” from the athletes. And what will one do when one sweats? Well, it is to drink up and get hydrated! 100PLUS is the Official Isotonic Drink of 28th SEA Games. 100PLUS is the product of F&N. F&N stock price is currently trading at $2.71, below its 200 days-moving-average too.

Apart from SMRT, F&N, the many retail outlets in Kallang wave mall and in the vicinity of the Stadium MRT station will stand to benefit. Revenue to dining outlets like Old Town café in Kallang wave may increase as well. One can buy Old Town stock from the Malaysia stocks exchange. I am not vested in Old Town stock though I enjoy the curry mee and white coffee very much at Old Town café so much so that I have visited Old Town cafes in Singapore just to partake them.

That’s all, my thoughts of the SEA games stock. Let us take our popcorns, take out our Singapore flags, switch on the TVs, sit on the sofa, watch the SEA games and shout “Go Singapore”! Join the emailing list to receive regular Financial and Singapore stocks newsletters too! Like" me on Singapore Stocks Investing Facebook page to receive all posts on your Facebook as well as read more articles. Follow me on Twitter too.

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