Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The most priceless asset one can have

In the past, when I was a teenager, I did not have the habit of drinking coffee. I only drank coffee just before my examinations during my school days to keep me awake during the important examinations. I still recalled not being able to sleep then at night after the consumption of the caffeine-laden drink due to the “after-effect” of coffee. Fast forward to today, I have to drink coffee in the morning to keep me awake.
However now, coffee does not matter to me, it does not matter if I drink coffee in the morning or not now as I would still feel tired, the coffee has not much of an effect on me so much so that I could still sleep even if I drink a cup of concentrated coffee at night. So what does it all mean? Well, it means that I have become older. Yes, no denying. My skin has started to sag and my hair has thinned. I become very easily tired now and these are effects of ageing. Having a sedentary working life, sitting in front for hours in front of a computer, lack of regular exercises probably speed up the effects of ageing as well. And also the very need to sustain oneself in this competitive workforce probably adds to the equation.

Though I have been sharing my financial experience and knowledge with all of you, all to ultimately lead to wealth creation from the stocks markets, ultimately health is the most important asset one can have. I recognize that is can be quite difficult for many to do some simple exercises on a regular basis as most of us are pretty caught in the “rat race”, working long hours every working day. However, I would advise everyone to keep healthy and fit.

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