Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What can retail investors learn from the SEA Games 2015 closing ceremony?

Singapore has concluded the 2015 SEA Games with a stunning closing ceremony last night. I read that some ticket-holders to the ceremony were not allowed into the stadium as the stadium was already full. According to the same report, a volunteer was cited as saying that these ticket-holders have arrived at the stadium later than the stipulated commencement time of the ceremony. In my humble opinion, I believe that these ticket holders might have come to the ceremony only to watch the fireworks finale; hence they have arrived much later into the ceremony.
So what can retail investors learn from the above episode? Well, let me extrapolate the above episode to investing in Singapore stocks. I would liken the “closing ceremony” as a good stock markets opportunity and then these ticket holders who have arrived later at the stadium as investors who entered into the good market opportunity late. So the result is that this group of investors are naturally disappointed at not having entered the stocks markets at the right time.

By the way, can any wise men or women advise me of the name of the song as well as the author of the song that I heard being played during the SEA games? The song goes like this “You are the champion….. you are unbelievable”. I have googled for “unbelievable” but was greeted with the Chen Tian Wen’s version of “Unbelievable”. On hindsight, I think it will be interesting if the SEA Games organizer had adopted this “Gangnam style” equivalent video of Singapore to play it at the closing ceremony. It will be uniquely Singaporean to see all athletes from all participating nations hold a batch of broccoli each, dancing and sashaying to the beat of the music and dancing around a centre stage at the stadium with none other than Chen Tian Wen dancing his favorite “Un Un Believable” moves on it! I believe this will catapult Chen Tian Wen into the leagues of the internet sensation behind Gangnam style (forgets his name) ! Sorry I think I got too carried away in this post, and by the way, I have found the name of the song; it is “Unbeatable” by Tabitha Nauser. Join the emailing list to receive regular Financial and Singapore stocks newsletters too! Like" me on Singapore Stocks Investing Facebook page to receive all posts on your Facebook as well as read more articles. Follow me on Twitter too.

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