Sunday, January 8, 2017


Dear readers, over the course of several previous posts, I have shared with you what analysts are recommending as their stock picks for Year 2017. In this post, I am going to summarize ALL the sharing of the stock analysts recommendation through the curation of the links of my previous related posts so that readers can reference to these recommendations more easily (in chronological order of my posting).

1) DBS’ top 10 stocks picks

2) OCBC’s top 10 stocks picks

3) And from there is one stock which appears in both DBS’ and OCBC’s stock picks in item 1 and 2 above, what is the name of this stock

4) Thereafter, we move over to CIMB’s 13 stock picks

5) And with CIMB’s list of stock picks, we have three stock picks for Year 2017 which has garnered two stock recommendations each from the sum of recommended stock buys of DBS, OCBC and CIMB, these are the three stocks

6) And if the above method of assessing which stock picks are the better stock picks for Year 2017 is not enough, I have calculated from the above stock picks their potential % upsides and determined which are the ones with upside of more than 50%. There are three such stocks, you can read about them in this post as well as this post

7) And if all the above recommendations are not enough, Singapore Stocks Investing (myself) has come out with its list of 11 stocks picks for Year 2017 from blue-chip Singapore stocks

8) Thereafter, we have RHB’s stock recommendation of nine stocks and with this, the list in item 5 of three Singapore stocks with at least two stock recommendations from analysts is expanded to 7 such stocks, you can read all these here

9) There was another aggregation of analyst recommendations and from these there are three stocks with over 20% upside potential for Year 2017, you can read it here

10) Finally, rounding up the recommendations of stocks picks for Year 2017 from the top three local banks, we have the recommendations of 10 stock picks from UOB Kay Hian, we can read my post on this here

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