Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Valentine Day, Noel Gifts stock, Soo Kee stock, Aspial stock, Breadtalk stock, Katrina stock, Japan Foods stockDear readers, today is Valentine Day! Singapore Stocks Investing would like to wish all readers, especially couples a Happy Valentine Day!

Valentine Day is a Day of celebration of Love and Romance. On this special day, couples affirm their love through flowers and gifts. Noel Gifts International stock is the stock of a company which provides flowers, hampers and gifts in Singapore, Malaysia and China. These gifts aside, some couples will also give their significant half jewelry to mark and profess their love. I am not surprised at all if Lovebirds also choose Valentine Day as a day to propose! Their proposal will definitely go through, I believe! Speaking of jewelry, Soo Kee Group stocks and Aspial stock are stocks in the jewelry line.

What a celebration of Love and Romance is without good food and drinks to accompany? Restaurants today will be packed. Breadtalk stock, Katrina Stock and Japan Foods stocks are stocks of companies behind the most popular restaurant chains in Singapore.

If you are working today and may have to do OT, tell your boss that today you cannot continue your “date” with him or her in the office any longer and that it is Valentine Day and you will need to rush to celebrate with your steady! Have a Lovely Valentine Day! Join the
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