Sunday, February 12, 2017


Best World stock, Starhub stockOn 6 Feb 2016, Starhub stock went south by 6.7% in line with announcements that the company would be slashing its dividends. Closing at $2.75, a level which investors have not seen for some time, the stock went north a little to close at $2.79 on 10 Feb 2016. Starhub stock is currently oversold and the price was back to the Nov 2016 level. Will Starhub stock price rise after a “knee jerk” reaction from investors? Or will Starhub price reflect, going forward, a more dynamic business landscape with the proliferation of various services providers over the internet as well as the arrival of the fourth telecom player in Singapore, TPG Telecom?

A day after Starhub’s stock price “southing”, on 7 Feb 2016, it was a “southing” of more magnitude (10% to be exact) for another stock, Best World stock. From around $0.30 a share in January 2016 to almost $1.96 a share on 6 Feb 2017, Best World stock is nothing less than a spectacular more than six-bagger stock. I have always thought that it is not always that an investor can have the Best of both Worlds in terms of returns and risks. After the 10% “southing”, Best World stock went down by more than 4% on 9 Feb 2017 and inched up only by 1.7% to close at $1.78 on 10 Feb 2017. Is this just a market correction for Best World stock? Or will Best World stock head down further?

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