Saturday, March 11, 2017


KIMLY IPO I have applied for a decent number of shares of the upcoming KIMLY GROUP IPO. It has been really some time since I applied for IPOs as I am very selective when it comes to an IPO. I know of quite a number of folks who apply for IPO on a “lottery” mentality, meaning to say they will sell the IPO stocks at a premium if the stock debuts much above the IPO price on the very first day of the stock’s IPO. For me, I treat IPO stock just like how I treat and select the current stocks. It is a business case for me, how the business model will pan out in the future and whether the model is a sustainable one. For Kimly Group IPO, I like the fact that Kimly is a defensive, recession-proof and cash generative business. One just need to take a peek outside the coffeeshops owned by Kimly to see for oneself how good is business. For more of my perspectives of Kimly Group IPO stock, you can refer to my blog post made earlier here

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