Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Singapore stocks
Dear readers, everyday, we see a number of Singapore stocks making the most active stocks, % gainers and % losers on the SGX. Some stocks are familiar names while others do not. Some stocks may prove tempting to some especially when these stocks keep appearing on the top volume stocks and are top % gainers some more. While on the technical side of investing, it might not be easy since we have different communities there like “scalpers”, “short-sellers”, “big brothers”, “trading experts”, there is one fact and this fact is important and non-disputable. Companies with solid fundamentals will normally withstand the test of time and it is a matter of time before their stock prices reflect the strong fundamentals of the companies.  
There are Six Singapore stocks on the SGX which are currently trading with a

a) net profit margin of at least 20%

b) dividends yield of at least 4%

c) debt-to-equity ratio of less than 20%

And they are:

1) Global Investments

2) Hock Lian Seng Holdings

3) Nera Telecommunications

4) Silverlake Axis

5) UMS Holdings

6) United Overseas Australia

Two of the above stocks stand out for me.

1) Silverlake Axis stock with a debt-to-earnings ratio of just 0.63%, 5.29% dividends yields and profit margins of 163.16% (highest profit margin of the six stocks)

2) Global Investments stock with a debt-to-earnings ratio of 7.38%, 10.27% dividends yields (highest of the six stocks) and profit margins of 50.62%

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