Saturday, June 17, 2017


This week is indeed not an ordinary week for Singapore as the Lee family saga made its way into both local and international headlines. I followed the news and am continuing to follow the news but prefer not to make any comments on this matter, as I would like to hear both sides of the story which is still developing for objectivity. I know that in this efficient country of ours, there is absolutely no doubt that this matter will be finally resolved objectively, unambiguously and there will be clear answers to Singaporeans about all this saga at a later time.

The implication of this saga with all the details spilled into local and international media streams is not good for Singapore’s reputation. As a small country with no natural resources and whose economy is so much external trade driven, Singapore should continue to be seen as having an environment where foreign investors and entities have the confidence to invest in and hence should not have negative news especially about our leader and government. Our assets are our people and all the economic success which we have built up in a span of just a few decades and which is now a model for many but it is na├»ve to think that Singapore will always be the front runner economically in this competitive world. Many of our region peers are playing catch-up and they are playing catch-up fast and importantly they have ample natural resources to boost. It is crucial to continue to attract investors here based on our sound economical, political and social system.

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