Monday, June 12, 2017


High dividends stocks
Dear readers, interested to know which are the stocks on the SGX that offer the highest dividends yields? There are seven of them, let us learn more about them now.

1) Broadway Industrial Group stock: dividend yield at 62.5%
2) Global Testing Corporation stock dividend yield at 14.64%

3) Karin Technology Holdings stock: dividend yield at 12.38%

4) Asian Pay Television Trust: dividend yield at 11.82%

5) Global Investments Limited stock: dividend yield at 10.14%

6) Hutchinson Port Holdings Trust: dividend yield at 9.81%

7) Advanced Holdings Limited: dividend yield at 9.8%

Of the above stocks above, there are only two stocks which I know that yield a consistently high dividends as a result of the nature of them being trust. They are Asian Pay Television Trust and Hutchinson Port Holdings Trust. For the other stocks, especially, Broadway Industrial Group which offers at 62.5% dividends yield, I am not sure whether these come about more as a result of their corporate actions.

Investors have to be careful which of the high-dividends stocks are attractive bargain-buys and which are dividends traps. Join the emailing list to receive regular Financial and Singapore stocks newsletters too! Like" me on Singapore Stocks Investing Facebook page to receive all posts on your Facebook as well as read more articles. Follow me on Twitter too.

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