Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Dear readers, I should not elaborate more on Best World stock, a stock which is synonymous with multi-baggers. Investors who are into capital appreciation definitely would like to invest in a multi-bagger stock for their capital to appreciate multi-fold. I really believe there is a group of investors who are looking into the next multi-bagger stock, are you one of them?
In my previous post, I have filtered down six stocks which have the potential to become multi-baggers. The six stocks are:

1) Silverlake Axis

2) Figtree Holdings

3) Singapore Kitchen Equipment

4) Tai Sin Electric

5) Hock Lian Seng

6) Ntegrator International

But if we are to zoom deeper into the above six stocks, is there a leading stock among the pack?

My answer to that will be that this stock is Ntegrator International stock. The only stock out of the six highlighted stocks which is undervalued at P/B: 0.78. The only stock which has a good double digit growth in the previous five financial years, to the tune of 12.62% while its growth in the recent financial year is a 29.83%.

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