Saturday, September 2, 2017


Singapore stocks
Dear readers, there are currently four small-cap stocks, each with a return-on-equity of more than 20%, undervalued and offers a good dividend yield on the Singapore stocks markets. Without further ado, let us take a look at these four stocks.

1. CWG International stock

Market capitalization: 97.4 million

ROE: 22.91%

Dividend yield: 6.68%

P/B ratio: 0.614
2. Keong Hong Holdings stock

Market capitalization: 113.9 million

ROE: 21.38 %

Dividend yield: 6.63%

P/B ratio: 0.806

3. Lion Asiapac stock

Market capitalization: 43.4 million

ROE: 21.01%

Dividend yield: 0.93%

P/B ratio: 0.539

4. Luzhou Bio-chem Technologystock

Market capitalization: 17.2 million

ROE: 59.27%

Dividend yield: 6.73%

P/B ratio: 0.517

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