Thursday, September 7, 2017


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Dear readers, the stocks markets are currently not doing well right amidst increasing geo-political tensions, as well as possibility of interest rate hikes and other economic indicators. In light of the current environment, some investors take to selling their stocks, other investors are looking for opportunities to buy good stocks at good prices.
Currently there are thirteen stocks on the Singapore stocks exchange which are trading at more than 4% dividends and trading at 52-week lows. I list down the thirteen stocks as below with the name of the stock followed by the percentage above their 52-weeks low price as well as their dividends yields.

1) China Jinjiang Environment Holding Company Limited 2.60% 6.24%

2) Challenger Technologies Limited 2.33% 6.14%

3) Singapore Telecommunications Limited 2.22% 4.76%

4) Fu Yu Corporation Limited 2.15% 7.89%

5) Starhill Global Real Estate Investment Trust 2.05% 6.60%

6) Telechoice International Limited 2% 6.27%

7) ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited 1.84% 4.71%

8) Transit-Mixed Concrete Ltd 1.79% 4.39%

9) Overseas Education Limited 1.45% 7.86%

10) Kingsmen Creatives Ltd. - 4.27%

11) Sarine Technologies Ltd. - 4.17%

12) Singapore Press Holdings Limited - 5.15%

13) Zhongmin Baihui Retail Group Ltd. - 4.37%

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