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Thursday, July 2, 2015

This Singapore stock is still on my radar screen

Dear readers, how have you been, are you still looking into Singapore stocks? I ask this question as many investors are now looking at the result of the referendum vote of Greece (if there is one to begin with) before considering their investment decisions. I too have weighed the Greece debt talks in my investing considerations. Nevertheless, I still look at the charts of some stocks and though I find some stocks to be attractive at current levels, I still try to resist from buying the stock at least before investors get a clearer picture of how the Greece debt talks pan out.

Unless, one is like Ronald K of Stocks Markets Best-Kept Secrets whom I consider to be one of Singapore’s top traders (if not the best), it is better to stay away on the sidelines, not to be greedy for some stocks may get more attractive. On 18 June 2015, I have blogged about Baker Technology Stock and while many Singapore stocks have gone south in the latter half of June 2015 in view of the Greece debt talks, Baker Technology stock has remained steady at its current price. With its good fundamentals, this stock will be on my radar should there be better opportunities.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Will you buy this good stock now?

There is a saying (which I hope I have captured it correctly) that when the tide is over, then it is clear who is swimming naked. In the current Singapore stocks markets, I see different sectors of stocks moving in different directions (though the broader market trend is still south) with the interest rate hike decision, Greece debt talks, performance of the different industry cycles and the different QE measures by different countries. I note that beside penny stocks, the low price of some “solid” stocks only fuel bargain hunting, which may turn to speculation when investors buy a stock down.
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