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Friday, June 19, 2015

Why Tom K does not invest in these two stocks?

One reader wrote to me asking me why I do not like stocks like BreadTalk and Q&M Dental stock which are expanding overseas. Well, this is just my personal opinion. Truth be told, with Singapore’s market being small, going overseas to gain a larger slice of the market is only necessary for a company to grow and for its stock to grow in value too (generally). Many of the blue-chip stocks which have done well were also early pioneers in going overseas. On the SGX, there are really many companies with an overseas portfolio or are gearing for it.

Monday, November 3, 2014

What stocks to buy now?

Osim has released its set of financial results which did not meet the analysts’ expectations. As a result, Osim stock price was sold down. Analysts reports which are “buy calls” for the stock now become either “Hold” or “Sell”.

When I look at what has happened to Osim’s stock price, I think I see a parallel with Super Group stock. Super Group stock was similarly sold down, following a similar set of disappointing financial results.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sold this hot stock

This is one stock I like. This is a local stock which has now had an international presence. This is a local company which has taken an ordinary product and make it big internationally. And this company has been increasing its presence in China, riding on the China’s boom. And this company has both modern outlets and revamped and acquired old traditional brands. This stock is about food and the company has diversified into other sectors like real estate plays.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Three consumer stocks to look out

Consumer goods, due to their nature are defensive stocks as they serve basic necessities and even if these necessities are to others “wants”, the global population is getting more and more affluent and hence the demand for these goods is increasing.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stocks in Focus

Olam stock price has been slowly creeping up from the oversold region with its 5 days-moving-average creeping up its 10-days-moving averages from below. At $1.53, Olam’s stock price is still below the 200- days-moving averages. Some analysts are quite bullish about Olam, giving the stock a price target of $2. Looking at the fundamentals and technical of this stock, I believe Olam stock can continue to head up in stock price.

Monday, August 26, 2013


This is not the first time I blog on BREADTALK STOCK. I have always wanted to purchase some stocks of BREADTALK STOCK as every day I pass by the nearby BREADTALK store, I will always see long queues of people buying breads. This signals a good business for Breadtalk Group. To understand more about BREADTALK STOCK, I read the annual report 2012 of BREADTALK STOCK. Basically the business of Breadtalk can be classified into three segments: (a) bakeries (b) restaurants (c) food Atria and the geographic spread of BREADTALK STOCK extends beyond just Singapore, to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and even to Oman!

Monday, August 12, 2013


BREADTALK STOCK has been heading north in its stock prices. When Breadtalk stock was first listed on SGX, not many people will foresee that Breadtalk stock will grow into a food empire stock with business in not only its chain of Breadtalk stocks but also in an array of restaurants catering to different tastebuds. And the most impressive fact of Breadtalk stock is that it has also operations in many countries outside of Singapore.

I watched Moneyweek on Channel U last Saturday where it carried an interview with the founder of Breadtalk. Though I have read the news before that Breadtalk has opened its own HQ building which put under one roof, its production and research facilities, I am impressed watching the actual TV footages of Breadtalk’s large facility which cost around $64.1 million. I am also surprised to see that the facility not only houses Breadtalk’s production and research facilities, there are also Breadtalk bread shops and restaurants in the same building and all these make the building akin to a shopping centre. An important aspect of Breadtalk’s operation is derived from the Central Kitchen facility in the Breadtalk hub which ensures uniformity across the many offerings of Breadtalk which are spread across many geographical locations.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Breadtalk stock: stellar performance!

As of 1st March 2013, Breadtalk ‘s stock price was $0.77. On the last day of March 2013 (29 March 2013), Breadtalk’s stock closed at $0.945. Within one month, Breadtalk’s stock price has soared almost 23%!
Breadtalk is one of the various food play stocks in Singapore with the others being Old Chang Kee and FoodEmpire. Breadtalk’s stock performance in March 2013 has surprised me considering that Breadtalk’s stock price was $0.78 on 1st February 2013. However considering Breadtalk’s stock price was at $0.685 on the 1st trading day of 2013, Breadtalk’s stock price has soared 37% from start of this year to the end of the 1st quarter.

From what I have observed, Breadtalk’s stock price has almost been on an upwards projectile except in May 2012, when its stock price sank to $0.465. With Breadtalk expanding into the region and China and having other forms of food businesses, the prospects of Breadtalk stock seems bright.
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