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Monday, July 6, 2015

Greeks say “No” in Referendum vote, what it means for Singapore stocks?

I woke up this morning and learnt the news that Greece has rejected the austerity demands with about 62% of the referendum votes supporting Alexi Tsipras. Watching the Greece debt talk discussions is akin to watching a “soap opera” and this “soap opera” seems to reach one of the “more exciting” “episodes” now.

Monday, June 29, 2015

What should investors do now amidst the Greece debt saga?

Today, in line with the movement of regional markets, Singapore stocks went south in view of the Greece debt saga. Hence it is no surprise that some of my portfolio went south. I have already factored in this Greece saga, hence I have only put in just some portion of the maximum capital that I would invest for year 2015 into stocks for the year to date. The Greece debt saga can only reveal more good bargains for investors as fundamentally good stocks will trade at good discounts and at higher dividend yields. Having been through some similar markets’ experience before, I can only say that this time round, I am prepared to buy in when markets opportunities and my diversified portfolio of stocks means that today, some of my stocks went up while many other stocks went south.
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