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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Could this have been a great investing opportunity for investors?

In the last week of Sep 2016, SMRT shareholders concurred via voting to SMRT’s privatisation offer. Already we could see some changes ahead. If you know what I am referring to, yes it is the plans of SMRT to consider whether to overhaul or revamp the Bukit Panjang LRT system which has experienced a bout of train or rail faults recently. Personally, I am in favour of retaining the LRT as the system given proper upkeep should be a faster transport option for commuters.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Would you buy into this stock now?

SMRT stock has resumed trading after the announcement that Temasek Holdings will be taking SMRT stock private. The offer price is $1.68 and SMRT stock rallied after the trading halt to trade close to the offer price. Investors who went in definitely wanted to get SMRT stock for as close a price to SMRT’s last traded price before the trading halt but I would not be surprised if some investors choose to buy at a price very close to the offer price, say at $1.66. Why is that so?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Will these Singapore stocks rally today?

From what I have noticed, whenever there is a buyout of a Temasek-linked company by Temasek Holdings, there will be interest in the stocks of other Temasek-linked companies as some investors speculate whether they will be buyout targets by Temasek next. Their speculation might send the stock price of these stocks surging.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

SMRT stock to be privatised, what stocks could be next?

Today, SMRT and Temasek announced that Temasek Holdings will be taking SMRT private, buying the remaining of the shares that it does not currently own at an offer price of $1.68 per share. The price “One Six Eight” will naturally be linked, in mandarin to “Yi Lu Fa” (meaning prosperity all the way) and not only that, “Lu” is “Road” in mandarin, hence I thought that is all the more, the “right” price for SMRT stock.

What investors need to know about these two stocks?

This week, there are two stocks in focus and these are stocks which are pretty on my mind for a very long time now and the reason behind my musing is due to the very operating nature of the companies behind these stocks. And finally, there is some decision on changes to the operating nature of these companies.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Consolidation in listed transport stocks

Yesterday, I blogged how SMRT stock could be a stock which investors could invested next. Today, SMRT stock rallied by more than 5%! Well it may be satisfying to me to think that SMRT stock rallied because of my blog post yesterday, well, its not. The rally of more than 5% in each SMRT and SBS Transit came about from hints today that the government may need to take over the railway transport in the future. Today, SMRT, SBS Transit, LTA and PUB signed an agreement on the sharing of expertise. It was also reported that LTA would be gearing up its engineering capability in railway work. All these, I believe is to set the path forward for the taking over of train and perhaps bus services too by the government in the future.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Is this the stock to invest next?

It has been reported that NOL is in discussion with potential parties for the sale of NOL stock. NOL stock is helmed by Singapore’s top scholar, Ng Yat Chung, who was a former Chief of Army, Chief of Defence and a former Senior Managing Director of Temasek Holdings. While the market continues to focus on NOL stock, there have been some sprinkling of talks revolving around another well-known listed transport company.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SMRT stock: you invest in this multi-stars stock?

SMRT stock went south by 1.4% to close today’s trading session at $1.365, after today’s blackout incident at few MRT stations today. Personally, I am not vested in SMRT stock though investors who invest in it may want to hold the stock as SMRT provides trains services which are basic goods for our people. Some people view SMRT as a multi-stars stock for the following reasons:

Saturday, June 6, 2015

SEA games stocks: will you buy them?

With the lighting up of the SEA games torch by Singapore’s very own soccer legend, Fandi Ahmad and his son, the SEA games officially kicked off in Singapore on 5 Jun 2015. On 4 Jun 2015, Feng Tian Wei, whom I would describe as Singapore’s “blue chip stock” when it comes to sports was eliminated from the SEA Games women’s singles when she lost to her Thailand counterpart, dashing hopes of Singapore’s “clean sweep” of the Table Tennis medals. Well, we could not blame her for even the very best Singapore’s blue chip stocks on the SGX could go down at times, right. Enough of my talking of non-related things to this post, let us examine Singapore’s stocks related to SEA games which may be of interest to retail investors.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Could this former blue-chip stock become a multi-bagger stock?

There was once upon a time when SMRT stock was a favorite blue-chip stock which dished out a decent 4% dividends yield to investors. As of recent years, SMRT stock price has gone south gradually in line with discontentment with MRT services until a few years ago when former Chief of Defence and former Permanent Secretary Desmond was hired to the top post of SMRT and he has helped turned around the company, restoring investors’ confidence in the stock till the stock price has made steady advances once again.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Could this stock be a multi-bagger stock?

I have been studying the dynamics of multi-bagger stocks and guess what, I have found that most of the multi-bagger stocks could be multi-bagger stocks due to the fact that these stocks were not that glamorous in the first place and hence are not on the radars of investors for quite some time. When they are not in the radars of investors, these stocks are slowly building up their fundamentals and only the very wise of the wisest investors would know that by accumulating these stocks, they would be accumulating a multi-bagger.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Is this the stock to buy and hold?

Investors can be in a dilemma when it comes to the choice of stocks to buy when there are different stocks at good valuations. To just give examples; for blue-chip stocks, the consideration is that it is not always that their stock prices will head up and their capital appreciation may not be as what they expect whereas for penny stocks, the consideration is basically the very nature of these stocks which can rather be speculative. So if investors would like to have some stocks which they can buy and hold, what stocks can they consider?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A stock worth investing

Dear readers as you would have known by now, the Singapore stocks are trading without too much of a lead. However this does not mean that there are no stocks that investors can consider. There are some stocks which should be poised for growth as they enter a new chapter of their businesses. First of all, SMRT stock. Besides getting approval for the plan of having the government take charge of the rail assets, SMRT is also branching into retail with the opening of Kallang Wave shopping mall. I have visited the mall and it is quite nice.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

SMRT stock: well done, Desmond!

As of 20 May 2014, SMRT stock price has reached almost $1.40 after heading up more than 10% on the same day. Compare this stock price to the stock price of $1.02 at the beginning of year 2014 and we have almost 40% increase in SMRT stock price. I believe SMRT shareholders must be very happy provided that they have not sold their stocks when SMRT was experiencing complaints, breakdown of services and public scrutiny.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SMRT stock: why some investors may buy

SMRT stock was hovering around the $1.02 mark when it went all the way to $1.25+ as investors see now. I believe some investors are buying SMRT stock as they think that there could be a financial framework agreement being worked out between SMRT and the government over the ownership of SMRT’s assets. Secondly, investors may be looking at SMRT being more of a transport company as SMRT is making forays into retail (e.g. Sports Hub) and its advertising revenue seems to be increasing too. This second point may give investors some impressions that SMRT’s revenues will go up in its future financial reporting.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

SMRT stock price headed 18.5% on 24 April 2014

SMRT stock price was $1.025 yesterday but today the stock price was $1.215, a 19 –cents or 18.5% increase! Intra-day, SMRT stock price went as high as $1.24! When queried by SGX, SMRT said that it was not aware of any announcements which may have sparked the rally in SMRT stock price. SGX has given SMRT stock a “trade with caution” status.

So what could have caused SMRT stock price to head up by so much in one single day? On the corporate front, there was not much corporate news which might have explained this rally, except for the appointment of a Senior Vice President.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

SMRT stocks: SMRT fares increase

Yesterday, as I exited from the MRT station gantries, I saw to my surprise that my train fees have increased by six-cents! This six-cents translates to quite some percentages of my fare per trip and if I multiply this amount by the number of days in a month and two trips (i.e “to” and “fro” trips) per day, I have to pay at least $3.60 more in my train fees in a month! $3.60 is equivalent to a simple meal outside, I noted.

Friday, March 28, 2014

SMRT stock

While SMRT stock may not be doing well, I read the report that SMRT has signed an agreement with Huawei to develop some e-commerce products. The foray of SMRT into an area which is not its core business in rails, trains and buses may be surprising to others, but I am not really surprised as this is not the first non-core venture that SMRT has entered into. To cite an example, SportsHub has SMRT as one of its key investors too. It only make sense for SMRT to diversify its business always from the railway business as a listed company to grow its business, especially now that the ageing railway systems and trains are causing some train glitches here and there and SMRT has been tapping into its reserves for the maintenance of the system.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SMRT stock results

SMRT reported its results today. The results are: SMRT’s 3QFY14 PATMI Declined 44.1% on $9 million Fare Losses. Net tangible asset per share is 50.8 cents as at 31 Dec 13, with basic earnings per share as at 3rd quarter FY14 at 0.9 cents.

I am not surprised at SMRT stock results announced. SMRT as a stock is of interest to me as there are so many interesting factors coming into play on this stock.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

SMRT stock

SMRT stock closed at $1.615 today. It may be worthwhile to buy this stock now as the blue MACD just crosses the signal line and RSI just come out from oversold region.
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