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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Are these TWO stocks the NEXT MULTI-BAGGERS?

Noble Group stock
Yesterday, the STI went south by 1.26%. I am not surprised since profits taking have to take place once the US and Singapore stocks registered record new highs. What is in vogue now in the Singapore stocks markets, beside earnings announcements are what I called stocks rotation. In December last year, stocks with most interest are blue chip stocks like banks. Since the Ezra episode, bank and blue-chip stocks have faltered replaced with so called growth stocks the likes of Jumbo, Bestworld and MM2 Asia. These have since also been rotated to a new bunch of popular stocks. Watch out for Noble Group, Singapore Edevelopment stock as they transcended new highs each day from a low base.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Will this stock continues to be the top gainer stock for 14 Dec 2015?

Singapore Edevelopment stock was the top gainer stock on 11 Dec 2015 which rallied by 73.9% to close at $0.04. Singapore Edevelopment stock was a penny stock whose former name is called CCM Holdings. Mr Chan Heng Fai, a former banker who is known as a “white knight” for his experience in turning around companies became CEO of the company; the company was later called Singapore Edevelopment. Under Mr Chan’s leadership, Singapore Edevelopment diversified into IT business and investment in addition to its core property businesses which has a stake in USA and Singapore.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A selection of Singapore stocks to talk about

There is one stock which has been making the top twenty volume stocks and this stock is none other than New Silkroutes stock. When I saw the name of this stock, I thought that this is a new IPO stock but then I found out that the former name of this stock was Digiland stock. New Silkroutes stock closed at $0.1 cents on 16 July 2015 and the company has appointed a new CEO in Mr Goh Jin Hian to turn around the IT business of the company and embark a new journey in oil and gas industry so as to turn the company into a new Oil and Gas play. Mr Goh Jin Hian is none other than the son of our ESM Mr Goh Chong Tong. Mr Goh Jin Hian was a medical doctor who ventured into oil and gas sector, according to the internet literature. For those retail investors who are attracted in penny stocks and the change in strategic direction, I would think that this is probably not the time to get excited about New Silkroutes stock for according to what I have read in the internet, Mr Goh Jin Hian has thought about share consolidation for New Silkroutes stock price to meet the stipulated minimum trading price of twenty cents on the SGX mainboard, it may be better for retail investors to see how the stock price fare after the consolidation.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Will this stock continue to become a multi-bagger stock?

Singapore Edevelopment has announced that it would not be proceeding with the non-binding MOU for Cloudtel, one of the twin engines for IT development that the company has identified, the other being the Hotapp product. According to the report that I have read, this would allow Singapore Edevelopment to focus on Hotapp. Singapore Edevelopment was formerly called CCM Holdings with business in property development in countires lie Singapore and the US. The company has since taken a new portfolio in IT development when Mr Chan Heng Fai became the CEO of Singapore Edevelopment. According to Singapore Edevelopment website, Mr Chan is determined that he will make Singapore proud of Singapore Edevelopment. For more of Singapore Edvelopment, you can refer to my previous posts under the thread of this company.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This stock headed north by 79% since 17 Nov 2014, will its stock price still rally up?

In the previous post , I have talked about Singapore Edevelopment stock, in fact, that post was not the only post which I gave my opinion as to whether Singapore Edevelopment stock could be the next IT stock of Singapore to look out for, beside Trek 2000 International stock (you can read another of the posts here ).

To give readers a background, Singapore Edevelopment was formerly called CCM, a property company. Since Chan Heng Fai joined and became CEO of Singapore Edevelopment, he has given another focus to the company: IT (you can read more about Mr Chan, a former US banker known to many in the investing arena for his “white knight’ experience in another of my posts here.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Will this stock be Singapore’s hottest IT stock like Microsoft?

Most of us know that Bill Gates of Microsoft is one of the richest men on earth and the founder of Microsoft. And I am pretty sure that most of us also know that Microsoft was not invented by Bill Gates; Bill Gates just bought the software and marketed it very successfully. I once read in a book that many years ago, that before Microsoft was founded, once Bill Gates had to pass through a customs in a country and the custom officer asked him to surrender valuables for inspection, Bill Gates gave the officer his floppy disk, the officer looked at Bill Gates and wondered whether he was joking. The officer did not know that the floppy disk contained the Microsoft software which would later on revolutionized computing on earth.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Will this Singapore Stock be the next Ali Baba?

Singapore prides itself on being the inventor of Thumbdrive, a product from Trek 2000 International. Singapore is also the inventor of the first computer sound card, a product from Creative Technology. Trek 2000 also now has a new product that is also quite promising as the thumb drive. Now, there is a company which aims to be the next Ali Baba and this company is none other than Singapore Edevelopment Ltd. Mr Chan Heng Fai, the Group CEO of Singapore Edevelopment was quoted as saying in SED Advertisement dated 19 Aug 2014 that “I will make Singapore proud of Singapore eDevelopment Ltd and I resolve to make this happen."

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Trek 2000 International stock

Trek 2000 International stock closed at $0.40 today (11 Nov 2014). In July 2014, Trek 2000 International stock price was around $0.20, hence as of today, the stock price increase chalked up by Trek is 100% from July 2014. Will this stock Trek 2000 International stock climb further? Yes, according to OSK-DMG, who give Trek 2000 International stock a $0.61 target price which is really a 56% upside, due to expected increased in wireless Flucard orders from Rely/Mattel in FY15. So after the thumbdrive, the flucard I something that Trek is proud of.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Singapore Edevelopment stock: will it be the next multi-bagger under Chan Heng Fai?

Singapore Edevelopment stock is one of the lowest-priced stocks on the Singapore stocks markets with today’s closing price of just a modest $0.001. If you see the trading in Singapore Edevelopment stock, you can see just how the price fluctuates between $0.001 and $0.002 (a good 100% price increase) or a heading south of the intra-day stock price from $0.002 to $0.001 (a good 50% price south) on most parts of the trading day. Perhaps that is why; the management of Singapore Edevelopment is proposing to consolidate the stocks on a 100:1 ratio, so as to boost trading liquidity.

Singapore Edevelopment is formerly known as CCM Group till its name change to Singapore Edevelopment. Singapore Edevelopment is currently helmed by a man, whom I really believe has a knack of turning around companies into great companies; he is none other than Chan Heng Fai, the former Managing Director of Singxpress, now the company is called SingHaiYi. If you are not too sure who Chan Heng Fai is and are interested to know about this self-professed “The Game Changer” (as I quote from his personal website), you can visit his website here or read his interview.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cheapest Singapore stock?

Yesterday, I posted a blog post on Singapore’s cheapest stock which Singapore eDevelopment stock is one of these as its stock price is $0.001. In that post, I talked about the proposed consolidation of this stock. After writing the post, I was thinking whether I have used “Cheapest” correctly. Should I use “lowest-priced” Singapore stock instead for the above post? Why do I have such thought? Well, I am really thinking when words like “expensive” and “cheap” are used, these are subjective to different investors. For example, is Golden Agriculture stock which is now below fifty cents cheap? To some, they may say it is as this price is really one of the lowest reached by the stock. For others, they may think that Golden Agriculture stock may still head south even more due to the global commodities outlook.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Singapore’s cheapest stock:will you buy it?

If I am to ask all of you readers, what is Singapore’s most expensive stock? The answer will be stocks like Jardine stock and UOB stock. If I am to ask you what is Singapore’s cheapest stock? What will your answer be? Well, Singapore cheapest stock is priced at 0.1 Singapore cents and there are two Singapore stocks trading at this low price. The two stocks are Digiland and Singapore eDevelopment Limited.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to trade Singapore stocks now?

The Singapore stocks markets are currently hovering at somewhat high valuations and the stocks markets are trading on a sideway note, with investors’ attention on the news from the US, China and the Europe. On the top volumes charts, penny stocks continue to rule the Singapore stocks markets and there seems to be some fascination on technology stocks especially so when Ali Baba launched its IPO last week, which had some strong rally on the first IPO day. In Singapore stocks market, Singapore Edevelopment also continues to be one of the hotly traded stocks here, especially after the Hotapps plan its US counterparts. The fascination over technology stocks has me thinking that is this the next dotcom bubble? Some of Singapore’s technology stocks which were very good stocks here are now trading at a fraction of what they were worth (in stock prices) now. Consider Creative Technology’s stock, a stock worth US$60 before, is now trading around $2.

Monday, September 15, 2014

I reaped 33% profit margins in Singapore stocks today

In my earlier post here  I shared with readers how I am going to move into another stocks strategy. With this strategy I bought into one stock on 12 Sep 14 and this morning, I initiated a sell on this stock. My sales order was effected and I reaped a nice 33% profit margins on contra! Though I did not tell readers what stock I bought, it can be quite apparent that I bought into some forms of penny stocks.
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