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Monday, June 19, 2017


Moya Asia, Yoma stock
In my post of 15 Jun 2017 (you can read the post here), I said that if Moya Asia stock continues its decline below its previous support of $0.115, then a possible downtrend might be in, On 16 Jun 2017, Moya Asia stock closed a further 4.3% south at $0.112, well below the previous support of $0.115. Moya Asia’s 5DMA which is dipping south has started to meet the 20DMA and if the bearish trend is to continue, we will see Moya Asia stock next test the $0.098 support once again. I have disposed of my stake in Moya Asia stock as prior to the acquisition of a net deficit book value company, I like the fundamentals but post-acquisition, I am not sure how this acquired company will be a drag in fundamentals to Moya Asia stock.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

These Singapore stocks may rally or head south next

Singapore stocks rally mostly with leads from overseas markets, corporate actions or themes. For the upcoming Singapore stocks which may rally next, we would need to look at a theme which has been picked upon before but which could exert its effect on certain Singapore stocks more next and that is none other than the Myanmar general elections.

Friday, August 2, 2013


YOMA STRATEGIC STOCK is currently oversold as I have seen from the RSI of YOMA STRATEGIC STOCK . YOMA STRATEGIC STOCK appears as one of the top volumes of Singapore stocks quite regularly as it is seen as a proxy for Myanmar and Myanmar is now a hot country for investors as the country opens up for foreign investment and is now embarking on a massive phase of infrastructure building. Personally, I have not invested in YOMA STRATEGIC STOCK as my favourites have always been in Commodities but just look at how commodities have fared and you would have known that my investments in the commodities stock are not good, anyway I have entered into the commodities stock with a long-term view and hence I am fine holding the stocks on a long term. After taking a closer look at YOMA STRATEGIC STOCK by reading its annual report, my preliminary assessments of YOMA STRATEGIC STOCK have changed. Initially, I have thought that Yoma is a construction business with a focus on Myanmar, however reading the annual report of Yoma, I was proven wrong: YOMA STRATEGIC is really a diversified conglomerate with business interest in commercial estates, residential estates, budget tourism, automobile industry, towns, agriculture and more.
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