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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tom K will take note of this (not the Federal Rate decision) for investing on 18 Sep 2015, what is this?

Dear readers, as we know, the Federal Reserves should announce when the next interest rate hike will be by tomorrow morning. Or at least the Federal Reserves will shed some clues to when the interest rate will commence effect. As anticipated, this decision will shape how global stocks perform. I will suggest investors not to invest in stocks pending the Federal Reserves’ decision. And for tomorrow, there will be one factor apart from the Federal Reserves’ decision which investors should take note of? So what is this factor?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Will you make use of this “little-known” effect to profit from Singapore Stocks next?

The Singapore Elections has concluded with a resounding win for the PAP. What will this good win for the ruling party means for Singapore stocks? Some investors think that the election victory will translate into good gains for Singapore stocks, especially those government-linked blue-chip stocks. I would think that these stocks may gain upward in price but buying sentiments will be capped by whether the US Federal Reserves will increase the interest rate in the coming week, since the Federal Reserves will meet and the anticipation among many is for the US Federal Reserves to increase the interest rate in the coming meeting. So against this backdrop, I will think investors will invest wisely.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Triple Witching strategies for Singapore stocks?

Wee Hur stock price headed south today by a good 6.5% today. On Friday 19th June 2015, I looked at the stock price of Wee Hur which has declined by 7.5% for the trading day to close the trading day at $0.31. I have checked that there were no corporate announcements from Wee Hur which could have attributed to this “southing” of the stock price. As I analyzed further the reason of Wee Hur stock movement for 19th June 2015, I saw that there was a sell-off of Wee Hur stock close to the close of trading hours of 19th Jun 2015. After some more analysis, I really thought that Wee Hur is one of the stocks of “Triple Witching”, same for other stocks.
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