Sunday, May 31, 2015

Stock price has appreciated 76% and still holding on!

Today is the second day of the long weekends for most Singaporeans. While many Singaporeans might have made use of the long weekends to make a quick vacation trip, I believe most of us are still here in Singapore, enjoying time with our families and friends. 

For today's post, I would like to share with you a real-life investing story of how a retail investor whom he himself describe as a "newbie" as he started his investing journey into Singapore stocks at not an early age. And that's right, the title of this post applies to him.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Importance of cash flow

First of all, we read of the travel firm, Asia-Euro’s shutting down. Then we heard of the saga of the lady behind what is called the “$60 million Ponzi scam”. Next, we heard that a fitness firm, Sky Fitness has also shut its doors. I would not have been surprised if it was just one incident but this was string of two businesses and what seemed to me, an informal business operation closing down, right here in Singapore.

While the three cases are under police investigations currently, I think they could revolve around cash-flow matters. It is widely believed that the US Federal Reserves will increase its interest rates and when interest rates rise, property buyers who have been leveraging or over-leveraging on low interest rates may feel the “pressure” on their wallets. It is also thought that higher interest rates will not bode well for Reits in Singapore stocks markets as these counters typically have a high debt. When interest rates go up, investors have to be selective over these counters.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Will you buy this super stock?

The Singapore stocks markets has gone south by “quite a fair bit” though intra-trading, bargain hunters have pushed the stock prices of some stocks higher before they closed for the trading day. As I have shared with readers, the Greece saga will still continue to weigh on investors’ sentiments and hence investors have to continue to take note of this, together with agenda items on the possible interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserves.
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