Friday, July 3, 2015

One technique towards consistent profitable investing

Today, I employed one technique in consistent profitable trading. This technique is practiced by even the top traders but is not practiced by many retail investors. This technique is really part of the DNA of successful investors but many investors do not like this technique. What is this technique? Well this technique is none other than the technique to “cut loss”.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

This Singapore stock is still on my radar screen

Dear readers, how have you been, are you still looking into Singapore stocks? I ask this question as many investors are now looking at the result of the referendum vote of Greece (if there is one to begin with) before considering their investment decisions. I too have weighed the Greece debt talks in my investing considerations. Nevertheless, I still look at the charts of some stocks and though I find some stocks to be attractive at current levels, I still try to resist from buying the stock at least before investors get a clearer picture of how the Greece debt talks pan out.

Unless, one is like Ronald K of Stocks Markets Best-Kept Secrets whom I consider to be one of Singapore’s top traders (if not the best), it is better to stay away on the sidelines, not to be greedy for some stocks may get more attractive. On 18 June 2015, I have blogged about Baker Technology Stock and while many Singapore stocks have gone south in the latter half of June 2015 in view of the Greece debt talks, Baker Technology stock has remained steady at its current price. With its good fundamentals, this stock will be on my radar should there be better opportunities.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tom K on the Singapore Stocks Markets now

Singapore stocks have generally headed down in view of the possible “Grexit”, against the current stock market environment. Unless you are a very professional trader, it is generally hard to trade now. I noticed that even “shortists” would have been surprised by the rebound of the STI yesterday if they merely speculate. Some traders I know still profit from the stocks markets, be it going down, going up or consolidating. They have a set of skills that some retail investors may pay to learn (from their courses). Generally they have deep pockets and some of them would have been financially-free already. The current stocks markets are not ready for retail investors who mainly rely on fundamental or technical analysis. In this current stocks markets, where buying and selling is weighed down by any lead from the Greece debt saga, bargain-hunting, speculation, it is better for retail investors to stay away from the stocks markets for the time being.
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