Thursday, December 31, 2015

[Final 2015 post] Secrets of Successful Investors revealed!

Dear readers, today is the last day of year 2015. I shall spare you the cliché of saying “How time flies”, “Have you set your New Year’s resolutions already” as I think you have heard all these aplenty! Rather, I will drill down to the points and deliver the final post of Singapore Stocks Investing for the year 2015! As the saying goes, the Best is always reserved for the last and hence I shall deliver to you one of the more valuable posts ever and it is titled “Secrets of Successful Investors Revealed”. Are you ready? Yes, lets get going!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


While already embatttled Noble Group stock might be preparing to forget year 2015 with the stock price already slumped by more than 60% from all criticism, negative reporting, earlier this morning, just as most of Singaporeans were still asleep, Moody’s dropped a bombshell on Noble, by cutting its rating to “junk”. So right from the get-set-go of the Singapore stocks markets, sellers were out in full-force, causing Noble Group to head south by around 9% to close four cents lower at forty cents a share!

Eunoia JC? My perspectives on what could be better names

By now, the whole of Singapore is grappling with the name of Singapore’s newest JC: Eunoia JC, both in meaning and pronunciation (though the local media has provided some assistance in today’s newspapers). I will share with you my perspectives on the name of this newest JC.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What you need to know about some Billionaires?

Who wants to be a Billionaire? Watch the video below on " Most Ridiculous Things Bought By Billionaires":

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Why Singapore stocks may produce an "Apple" stock one day?

Dear readers, Singapore stocks markets have always, in my own words, been following the global and larger stocks markets. Hence if US stocks are heading south overnight, then there is a strong likelihood that Singapore stocks will perform lower the following day.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Recommended Stocks which will deliver growth in year 2016

Dear readers, with the advent of online trading, investors should take the advantage of being able to trade, invest in any stock on any stocks markets worldwide.

Hence when it comes to stocks picking for year 2016, I would advise investors, if possible, to cast your net wider to look out for good stocks in the overseas markets; for Singapore's markets is such a small markets afterall!

Recommended Singapore Stocks for year 2016 (Part 1)

Dear readers, whenever it comes to this time of the year, many investors will take stock of what they have achieved when it comes to investing for year 2015. And it is no exception for myself, you can review about my review of my investing portfolio in this link here.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Why cash is still king?

Why cash and in particular, the US dollar is still King?

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Friday, December 25, 2015

ONE SALE which you should not miss this Christmas holidays

Dear readers, a Merry Christmas to All of you! It is Christmas long weekends holidays for All of us! If you do not want to join the crowded shopping centres on today or the Christmas weekends and having to jostle among crowds, there are many other options to do.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Achieved one personal Financial goal

Today is Christmas day and the atmosphere could not be too timely for it started to rain for few hours this morning. Finally, tomorrow is Christmas and Christmas is a time for celebrations and a time for personal reflections on what one has achieved over the year. I know the above sounds like a cliché but really, in my opinion, one must continuously track one’s progress towards the goals he or she has set for himself or herself in life; and yearly resolutions is really a common practice. So while we celebrate and take stock of our achievements for year 2015, it is also time to set resolutions for year 2016!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Today, Noble Group stock staged an impressive 4.5% rally today to close off today’s trading session at $0.46. I am holding on to Noble Group stock bought when Noble Group price was trending around $0.40 price range. Back then and you could still refer to my previous posts; I told readers that Noble Group stock price then was an attractive price to enter; this I really speak from experience since buying my first stock in Noble Group stock in year 2010 and making my first profits and foray into stocks investing. I have always done great in Noble Group stock and if some people say this is “luck”, I would like to differ; for Noble Group is really one of the stocks which I have researched widely into.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


What do the financial experts predict for the stock markets outlook for year 2016?

1) Robert Kiyosaki predicted that the biggest stock market crash will be in year 2016:

2) Thom Hartmann also predicted that stocks markets will crash in year 2016

Monday, December 21, 2015

Popular investment techniques which I do not readily use

There are many investment strategies touted in investment literatures. “Buy and hold for dividends”, “Dollar Cost Averaging” are two of the most popular techniques given out to investors. As shared many times in my blog, I am no longer opting for a “buying and holding” strategy for dividends, I am focused in trading. “Buy and hold for dividends” works well for blue chip sectors when Singapore is industrializing and there, there was a core, growing and more predictable local stock market for these stocks; no so in today’s more volatile market conditions.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Two top Mediacorp actresses, Two Singapore stocks

If you have been watching Singapore’s television shows, you would not have missed a TV commercial featuring newly-minted Best actress, Rebecca Lim Hui Ling promoting a new range of jewellery from GoldHeart jewellery.

At the same time you should also not have missed veteran actress and the former Queen of Caldecott hill, Zoe Tay promoting a new launch of jewellery from Soo Kee jewellery.

Okay Yellen, Hello Santa Claus

Investors have been focusing too much on the interest rate hikes for the year till Janet’s most important speech on 17 December 2015 (Thu), Singapore time. So Janet Yellen has spoken something that investors have been anticipating all along: interest rate hikes and the Singapore stock markets, together with other stock markets have responded in a southward direction. Some say the interest rate hikes are good for the global stocks markets, some say the interest rate hikes are not good for the global stocks markets. Tom K says okay, that’s so much from Janet Yellen now (till we hear from her in future FOMC meetings on subsequent interest rate hikes) and we should say hello Santa Claus now!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Review of my Investment portfolio and strategies

Christmas is coming and every time when it comes to December, I will review what I have accomplished in the year. Time really flies and I am getting older with hair thinning as well. However, I would think of myself as getting wiser over the years. Generally, I am contented with my life. And definitely, I will also review how my investments has performed in year 2015.

Thursday, December 17, 2015


So, the Federal Reserves have raised interest rates finally. Asian stocks markets rallied on the decision of the Federal Reserves. But is it time for investors to finally go into the stocks markets and pick up some valuable buys? Well, the temptation is there and I will not deny that it is attractive to pick up some of the oil and gas stocks, crude palm oil stocks but I will not enter into the stocks markets that fast now after the Federal Reserves’ decision.

Ngong Ping, Lantau Island

My wife and I had been to Lantau Island before during our Hong Kong tour some years back. Despite having been there, here we were, on our second day of our second Hong Kong tour to Lantau Island. We reckoned a visit to one of the many islands of Hong Kong is a must during our tour to the country; else it will be boring seeing the same cityscape like Singapore’s. We arrived via MTR train at Tung Chung MTR station before noon.

It was a hot day and we were surprised at the hundreds of people queuing at the cable car station to Ngong Ping, our favorite destination at Lantau Island.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What has the Federal Reserves rate hike got to do with Star Wars movies?

What has the Federal Reserves rate hike got to do with Star Wars movies? Well, beside the coincidence of timing between the two, there seems to be more parallels. Watch this link.
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In all the earlier posts on Noble Group stock, I have remained bullish on Noble Group stock though investors’ interest and confidence in the stock have waned ever since there is the likelihood of the stock being slapped with a “junk” credit rating by credit rating agencies. I have also mentioned how the stock then trading at a range of 39 cents to 40 cents a share is an attractive. Today, Noble Group stock rallied up by 7.69%, giving the stock a much-awaited boost. The background of the rally is none other than Noble Group looking into selling the remaining of its agricultural business to raise capital in order to improve its credit rating.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to invest in the current stocks markets?

Investors are keeping a tab on what Janet Yellen will say as many expect the US Federal Reserves to finally increase the interest rate. Many are saying that if the investing community does not like how much basis points the US Federal Reserves will introduce for the interest rate hikes, then markets will have another “mood” swing!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Will the Federal Reserve Expected Rate Rise Cause Panic in World Markets?

Everyone will be looking at what Janet Yellen will be saying next on US interest rate hikes. It is definitely worthwhile for investors to wait till Janet's speech before buying into new stock positions:

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Will this stock continues to be the top gainer stock for 14 Dec 2015?

Singapore Edevelopment stock was the top gainer stock on 11 Dec 2015 which rallied by 73.9% to close at $0.04. Singapore Edevelopment stock was a penny stock whose former name is called CCM Holdings. Mr Chan Heng Fai, a former banker who is known as a “white knight” for his experience in turning around companies became CEO of the company; the company was later called Singapore Edevelopment. Under Mr Chan’s leadership, Singapore Edevelopment diversified into IT business and investment in addition to its core property businesses which has a stake in USA and Singapore.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

What Robert Kiyosaki says about stocks markets for year 2016?

Dear readers, as we enter into December 2015, many readers are already interested to know the outlook for year 2016.

Robert Kiyosaki, I think I need no more mention of him, gives his takes on the global markets outlook for year 2016. Watch the video below:

Friday, December 11, 2015

What stocks will benefit from potential Fed rate hikes?

Dear readers, it is likely that the US Federal Reserves will increase interest rates soon. So what are the stocks which will benefit from the potential Federal Reserves rate hikes?

To know more, watch the video below now:

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Singapore Stocks Markets: of desire and of flame

The Singapore stocks markets have not been doing well. Well, to me, this is expected since everyone will be keen to hear Janet Yellen speak on the US interest rate decision at the US Federal Reserves meeting. Some retail investors may not have performed well in their investments if they have been investing in the stocks markets, buying discounted stocks only to see that the stock price goes south again.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What should Investors do now?

Dear investors, the current global stocks markets are not easy to trade and invest; hence one should wait till the US Federal Reserves has their meeting before considering whether to enter into new positions in the stocks markets. The US Federal Reserves should provide the all important clues as to when the next interest rate hike will be. This is something on the radar of most investors. Beside this, some investors are wondering whether there will be a year-end rally next as some fund managers look to “window dress” their portfolios by taking a stake in them.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What are the next stocks to be privatized?

NOL stock receives an offer of $1.30 per share. If investors can recall, the IPO of NOL stock back in year 1981 was $4 a share (you can view a newspaper article here). The offer hence represents a discount of 67.5% off the IPO price of NOL stock. Similarly, another Temasek-linked company, Tiger Airways receives an offer of $0.41 per share for the proposed delisting. Compares this offer with Tiger Airways IPO price of $1.50, the discount is around 72.66% off Tiger Airways’ IPO price.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Noble Group stock: good entry point now?

In this post , I asked readers whether it is a good time to enter Noble Group stock then, I did not answer and as you could guess, then was not a good price to enter Noble Group stock. Today, Noble Group stock closed at $0.40 and looking at the price of Noble Group stock today, I could say that this is a good entry point for investors who still believe in the Noble Group story, though I must add that there is still a likelihood of Noble Group stock revisiting the lows of $0.38 although I do not think that there is a reason for Noble Group stock to do so now.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Would you invest in this sector now?

Watch an analyst's take on First Reit and Hospitality sector below:

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Consolidation in listed transport stocks

Yesterday, I blogged how SMRT stock could be a stock which investors could invested next. Today, SMRT stock rallied by more than 5%! Well it may be satisfying to me to think that SMRT stock rallied because of my blog post yesterday, well, its not. The rally of more than 5% in each SMRT and SBS Transit came about from hints today that the government may need to take over the railway transport in the future. Today, SMRT, SBS Transit, LTA and PUB signed an agreement on the sharing of expertise. It was also reported that LTA would be gearing up its engineering capability in railway work. All these, I believe is to set the path forward for the taking over of train and perhaps bus services too by the government in the future.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Is this the stock to invest next?

It has been reported that NOL is in discussion with potential parties for the sale of NOL stock. NOL stock is helmed by Singapore’s top scholar, Ng Yat Chung, who was a former Chief of Army, Chief of Defence and a former Senior Managing Director of Temasek Holdings. While the market continues to focus on NOL stock, there have been some sprinkling of talks revolving around another well-known listed transport company.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Do you still want to buy this stock?

Yesterday I shared with readers that I sold my Noble Group stocks for profits and today, Noble Group stock headed south by 1.2%. It seems that the stock markets once again heeded my calls or it could still be a coincidence. However, for me, I know that my selling of Noble Group stock at the right price again (before the stock price came down again) came from my years of specializing in Noble Group stock (you can read my archived Noble Group stock posts for more details).

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tom K: waiting for another buying opportunity in Singapore stocks

I sold off my Noble Group stocks today, making some decent profits. Some investors might think that Noble Group stock may head up further in price and selling off the stock might not be the best thing to do. “Let the profits run” is the adage for them. For myself, I relied on a set of decisions when I sold off Noble Group stock and when I sold Noble Group stocks, there is “no turning back” and I would wait for the next buying opportunity for Noble Group stock.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Noble Group stock: to be Noble as an investor is the winning strategy

On 24 Nov 2015, I posted a blog post on Noble Group stock, saying how at its current price of $0.40, the stock was oversold and made for good valuation for investors who would like to buy the stock at a bargain. Today, Noble Group stock headed north by 6.25% to close the trading day at $0.425. Noble Group stock, from what I read in the local newspapers was the worst faring STI stock year-to-date, ever since Noble Group was the subject of short seller reports and from then, it has attracted its fair share of critics; in middle Nov 2015, Noble Group attracted the comments from two rating agencies mentioning how they might reduce the credit rating of Noble Group stock if the company did not do anything to improve its liquidity ratio.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

How to learn be Rich for Free?

Dear readers, becoming rich is not impossible, becoming rich is a choice. And when you make that choice to become rich, you will have to take the steps towards wealth creation, towards being rich.

Investment and trading are definitely routes towards wealth creation but not many people succeed in their investing journey towards wealth creation. This may be surprising to some since in this internet world, there is so much more information flowing all around us. But like everything in the world, there ought to be a balance. What kind of information is flowing around investors? Is it “noise”? Do some investors buy a stock on some stock analysts’ recommendation only to experience the “southing” of the stocks they buy?

Friday, November 27, 2015

A new Wealth Book in town

I was at the bookstore when I noticed a new wealth title. The book is called “The $100 Startup”. The essence of the book is simply the idea that one can become wealthy if they are to harness on their Passion and Skills to solving a Problem in the society. For example, if a person’s Passion is eating great food and his skills is writing, then he can look into starting a business writing about some kind of exotic food that the market will pay to read reviews of.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Focus on “How” and not “How much”

When it comes to investing and trading, many investors are fixated on how much they can profit from the stocks markets. By having this focus on “How much”, many investors would easily be swayed by the emotions of the markets. This usually takes the form of speculation, buying in when a stock is rocketing up, only to find that the “Big Boys” are starting to sell the stocks away or it can take the form of trying to average down a “losing stock” when the stock can actually still head lower. I would like to advise investors to steer away from the “How much” mentality to the “How” mentality.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Are you an “Investor” or a “Banker”

Investors generally invest in a stock for long-term growth prospects of the company by holding some shares of the company. Thus some investors like to think of themselves as shareholders of a particular company or even a joint-owner of the company. Generally, I like such notion of an investor having a stake in a company. Though I am a full-time employee holding a job, being an investor allows me to think in such a way that I am owning some companies.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Noble Group stock: attractive at current price

Noble Group stock is oversold, according to the RSI and I believe that the selling is overdone. Noble Group stock has been the subject of short sellers reports but since its announcement of a large decline in its net profits, both Moody’s and S&P have cited credit rating concerns with Noble Group’s financials and this has led to further southing of Noble Group stock price.

Monday, November 23, 2015

How you can win the game of stocks even if you think you have “lost”

The week of 16 Nov to 20 Nov 2015 was to me a tempting trading week. As expected, the minutes of the US Federal Reserves pointed to a likelihood of US interest rate hikes. When that minutes were released, US stocks actually headed up. To some, this should led to a decline in US stock indices as we have already observed from the so many “interventions” of the US Federal Reserves’ rate hike clues on the stocks markets. Singapore stocks markets followed in the footsteps of the regional, global stocks markets in all these euphoria, I initiated a “Buy” call on a stock at a certain price.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

One show which investors should watch

Every Saturday night, I will tune in to a show which I enjoy very much. The show is screened on one of the Star Hub’s paid channels and it is called “Somewhere Streets”. “Somewhere Streets” is a unique travel show that takes viewers to different countries via a walking webcam mounted on the traveler. As its name implies, the show does not zoom into the common places of interests in the different countries, rather it is a show focusing on the different streets and the common life of the people living around the streets. This show is very relaxing to watch, especially coupled with the very lovely song. There are always surprises too as the viewer will not know when the next turn of the street will toss out.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Investment education, Wealth Creation and Entrepreneurship in Schools

Singapore has now two Education Ministers. Ng Chee Meng focuses on schools while Ong Ye Kung focuses on continuing skills. My take on the double-portfolio of the Education Ministry is that this is a correct direction to take Singapore forward. Singapore today is not Singapore decades ago when if you are a graduate, you will have a nice job with a nice pay in general. In fact, in today’s Singapore, good high-paying jobs are highly-coveted.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Another perspectives on Singapore stocks performance

Lacklustre Singapore stocks performance are usually explained in terms of the performance of the regional and international stocks markets performance. This is because Singapore stocks markets, is a price taker and not a price maker as we are shaped by how the US, China and Europe stocks markets perform. However, I would like to share one more perspective that contributes to the lacklustre showing of Singapore stocks.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to become rich from your job?

I know many people who are not happy at their jobs, because of remuneration matters. Many people think that they deserve a better pay and hence are not happy every day going to work, spending long hours at a job they do not love and one which does not pay them as much as they expect. Unless one has a high salary, it really takes some work to create wealth from one’s savings.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

JUMBO STOCK: one price catalyst

Jumbo stock has a strong IPO showing before heading south; however it is still a respectable performance so far for this “chili crabs” stock. Jumbo stock has also attracted some prominent investors, including the boss of a listed company in Singapore. Going forward, should one buy, hold or sell Jumbo stock?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A chance encounter with the late Mr Kuek Leng Joo

Singapore has lost a business leader, a philanthropist, an environment advocate and a photography enthusiast in the late Mr Kuek Leng Joo, the Deputy Chairman of City Development Limited. Being attuned to financial and investing news, I have long ago been familiar with the names of Mr Kuek Leng Beng and Mr Kuek Leng Joo, one of the richest families in Singapore with businesses including Hong Leong Asia, City Development Limited and Hong Leong Bank with them being prominent figures in Singapore.

The Game of Wealth

Robert Kiyosaki will be coming to Singapore to stage a financial and wealth creation event. Robert Kiyosaki is most famous for his first book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” which presents to the world the income sheet, balance statement of an individual. If one thinks that Robert Kiyosaki is famous for just this, one will not have benefitted from Robert Kiyosaki’s thinking. To benefit fully from Robert Kiyosaki, one should read as much of his latter books as possible. If you read his latter books and believe in these concepts, I believe your financial life will improve and you will understand how to play the game of wealth.

Monday, November 16, 2015

What is Tom K’s secret trading in his perennial trading stock?

Dear readers, the global stocks markets has some mild corrections in the week of 9 Nov 2015 to 13 Nov 2015 and Singapore stocks, especially the commodities stocks have been sold and some of these were oversold. One of these stocks is none other than Noble Group stock. Noble Group stock went south by 11% on 13 Nov 2015 and the current RSI is just above the Oversold region. Noble Group closed at $0.445 on 13 Nov 2015.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

What we need to know about the Markets outlook?

Listen to the analyst video below to understand more about the stocks markets outlook.

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